Global Ambassador Program

The Asbury Park G.A.P (Global Ambassador Program)develops educational and 21st century technology awareness and puts students’ knowledge to work by giving them the opportunity to interact with their international peers. This program is the first step in students becoming lifelong 21st century global citizens. The program brings schools together from different countries and takes learning beyond the four walls of the school building. International students are afforded the opportunity to represent their country, their schools and themselves. This program enables students to connect on a very real “LIVE” face to face level and to discover for themselves their commonality. This program literally opens up new worlds to them and what they often find is that despite the cultural and economic differences that may exist, at heart they share many of the same interests and passions. These experiences prepare students for the interaction with students of different cultures when they enter college. Through our Global Ambassador Program (G.A.P), we empower students to take charge of their educational experiences, and assist in their preparation for college and the workforce.