​"Project Ghana has  been a tremendous experience  for me. It allows  my students to share their  culture,  hobbies, and  educational experiences  with the  students  in Ghana. Most importantly this project shows my students that  we may be separated by an ocean but we have  a lot  in common."

David Wronko, Teacher, Asbury Park Martin Luther King Middle School

Passport Program
1 Hour Sessions

  • International Show and Tell
  • African Music
  • Learn African Dance
  • Tour of Slave Dungeon
  • African Storytelling with Griot
  • Learn to cook African Food
  • This Land is your Land, This Land is my Land
  • Learn your African Day Name
  • Slave Trade
  • Face to Face, Student to Student
  • ​Customize your own trip

Africa is truly one of the most misunderstood of all the continents. Africa is four times the size of America. Its people speak over 2,000 languages, and the continent itself experiences all four seasons. It is one thing to hear facts about Africa. We could spend all day enumerating different facts about the continent and its history. However, we've found that the one way to truly get to know Africa is by interacting LIVE, face to face with its people through Video Conferencing. In this way, students get to learn first-hand from their peers on the continent the similarities and differences between their cultures without leaving the classroom. When exposed to reality, all of the misconceptions once held are dissolved. Looking for a very specific topic? Oiada can customize a program for your trip to Africa that will meet your classrooms’ curricular needs.


Visa Program

Visa Program

Oiada's Visa Program is an academic video conference exchange program that pairs classrooms in different countries using a shared project-based learning curriculum to build students’ skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Using 21st century technology, Oiada partners students with international peers, allowing them to learn via a face to face connection.  The program culminates with the creation of student driven Global Citizenship Projects. Curricular activities blend in-class learning and video conference engagement.  The key program feature of our Visa Program is the face to face interaction and the social network built and curated for each classroom pair to share project based curricular activities and cross-cultural interactions.
“Four years ago Asbury Park Schools partnered with Oiada International to provide our students with a rich, international global educational experience. I’m so delighted to see that our students continue to thrive as global ambassadors while simultaneously engaging in their local community. Congratulations to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School students and teacher David Wronko for creating engaging global experiences for our students!”

Asbury Park Superintendent, Sancha K. Gray

Global Digital Library

Training Program

In 2018, Oiada International formed a partnership with Agility, world leader in freight logistics, and opened the Agility-Oiada Training Academy in Tema, Ghana to start a vocational training program intended to help meet the demand for increased skills to support local economic development. The program provides free vocational and technical training to young adults at the Agility Warehouse Park in Tema. Students will participate in our Global Leadership program and receive computer and soft skills training, workplace skills development, instruction in brickmaking, and electrician apprentice training. Students receive certificates of completion upon graduating as well as job placement assistance. Oiada’s goal is to arm students with the skills and training they need to find gainful employment after graduation as they embark on their journey of becoming global leaders.​
Book a  Video Flight to Africa
Open Minds Required 
No baggage allowed
Equipment needed: Computer with webcam